Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users.

This makes Instagram the third most popular social media network.


On an average, Instagram users share “more than 95 million photos and videos every single day”.



  1. Post Consistently and at your best times (Consistency is the key).
  2. Quality over Quantity.
  3. Engage with your audience.
  4. Use quality hashtags.
  5. Collaborate with others.


  1. Research and Incorporate relevant hashtags.
  2. Engage with top “relevant” Instagram posts.
  3. Approach popular users to collaborate(Contact me to know which users to contact).

1Post Consistently and at your best times(Consistency is the key):

       While running an Instagram account, whether a personal account or a business one, you’re supposed to post daily, once or twice(recommended), that too on best times, use your insights to know at what time your followers are most active. Be consistent with the timing too, if you’re posting today at 9 AM and 9 PM, post at the same time for about a month to observe the growth.


2. Quality over Quantity:

      While posting more, don’t compromise with the quality of your content. People are following you because of your content, they need the same quality content because of which they followed you. Choose a theme and stick to it for at least 15-20 days.

Here's the screenshot from my own profile:


3. Engage with your audience:

       I guess we aren’t a celebrity yet! LOL!

When someone is engaging with your content, it’s your duty to respond back. Reply to their messages and comments. Engaging with your audience is one the key points. Interact with them,  ask questions, know what they like and dislike about your profile. Suggestions are always necessary.

4. Use quality hashtags:


Don’t hesitate to use them. You can use upto 30 hashtags with each Instagram post. Use them wisely.

Hashtags offer free advertising opportunities and allows you to be associated with things that are of interest to the people you are hoping to reach out to.

HASHTAGS provides us the best way to grow on Instagram. Here’s a screenshot from one of my posts, you can easily see how my post’s engagement is boosted because of hashtags.

5. Collaborate with other users:

       You are not the only one who is looking to grow on Instagram! There’s a bunch of users who are struggling for the same. Why not help each other?

Do shoutouts for shoutouts in a gentle manner.

Join “active” engagement groups.

6. Research and Incorporate relevant hashtags:

       Using “relevant” hashtags is something different.

You aren’t supposed to use common hashtags! For different niche, there are different hashtags. Do research according to your Instagram account.

Users are not doing any kind of research on hashtags,  that’s what I observed while being the manager and consultant for more than 50 Instagram users.

7. Engage with top “relevant” Instagram posts:

      Look for the best posts (posts with maximum engagement) of your niche and engage with them. Comment something under them. You’ll get some recognition from there too.

8. Approach popular users to collaborate:

      Ask “popular’ users to collaborate. If you ask someone directly to put a story for you, they might not go for it. When you’re popular on Instagram, you get these kind of messages too often. But yeah, if you’re asking someone to collaborate, there’s chance that they do so.

Don’t hesitate, many of them won’t be even responding to your message but if 1 out of 10 is collaborating with you, that’s enough.

So, these are some of the tips which I used to grow on Instagram. I guess, they’ll help you too.

If you have more questions, you can email me(at samtronlcd@gmail.com) or message me on Instagram(@poemsbyden).

— Mr. Den (Instagram Manager and Consultant)

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