All you need is a great strategy to drive real audience and readers.


If you are looking to grow your Instagram account , you’re at the right place.
Our admin/founder, Mr. Den (@poemsbyden) will share with you not only the how, but also the why. He is currently working as an Instagram strategist and consultant for more than 50 accounts.
He is now available to give some quality tips again.
To book direct one-on-one sessions with him, send us a DM on Instagram or mail us.
In those sessions, He will discuss the most important things one should keep in mind to grow as a writer on Instagram.
Certain points will be discussed, including the hashtags, theme, algorithm, mobile applications to be used, featuring pages, best time and much more.
You’ll get a perfect strategy for your own Instagram account.
You can even shoot questions, if you want to know something specifically.
The session will take place on Instagram.


Quality over Quantity:
To post more, don’t compromise with the quality. People are following you because of your stuff. They need the same quality stuff because of which they followed you.
Proper Hashtags:
You can use upto 30 hashtags with each Instagram post. Don’t hesitate to use them.
Hashtags offer free advertising opportunities and allow you to be associated with things that are of interest to the people you are hoping to reach out to.
Engage with your audience:
Know who you’re talking to and how they respond to your content.
Reply to their messages and comments.

Price Chart:

• $60 for one session of 15-20 minutes.
• $99 for two sessions, each of 15-20 minutes.